Tall, strong, rock silhouettes stand amidst a humble background as their backs jet above the horizon and naturally arch in the sky while their smooth grey hands reach out to one another in firm friendship. The Giants stand substantially affixed with rocky roots grounded in the foundation of Mother Earth’s tough love. 

A rivalry is born as time ticks steadily with vicious tenacity. 

Time ticks befriending the wind, opposing tall strong rock backs turning them old – shrinking. 

Time ticks befriending the water, rushing and gushing forcefully pushing and pulling their firm grip of friendship apart.

Time ticks befriending the feet of heavy machinery methodically beating down Giants – shrinking. 

Time ticks befriending the waves, lapping and splashing meticulously biting and chewing Giants apart. 

A humble background announces its timely moment. 

Surrendering to the burden of age

Giants slowly decay into 

the ocean. 


the water grains 

of Giants are seized by bothersome tides 

that feed their captives to currents and return to 

the shore in a devoted dance of admiration. Currents

pass grains to a deep that opportunistically devours

Giants cut-down.

New humble ground breathes freely and sleeps to the sound of singing ocean shores as an ancient rivalry lives on and time continues to quietly tick with vicious tenacity.

The inspiration for “Giants Fall” comes from the photo depicted above where gentle coastal “mountains” meander their way down to the ocean. “Giants Falls” provides an intriguing take on the relationship between the erosion and the earth.

Published by Michael M.

Creator and leader of the OutdoorsmanMind. outdoorsmanmind.home.blog

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